Wow. What a week. I almost died from the girl that I was madly in love with. Jota and I have technically solved the case of the missing Night Driver game, but Lena Meyers still has it and she is missing…. Soooo this is awkward. Here is our progress for the week.

First, Jota and I had some video surveillance in the ITCC


Next, I quickly compiled my audio updates because I almost died earlier.


Last, I shared one of my secret diary entries on how we almost died from Lena.


Groom, I am terribly sorry we don’t have your game back. But at least we know who has it!! Right? Right? Please, don’t hurt us. You still owe us money since technically we did solve the case.


Dear diary,

I almost died today. Just when I was on cloud nine after El Jota and I solved the case of the Night Driver, Lena Meyers busts into our Love Finda headquarters and tries to kill us with a shotgun! Yes, Lena Meyers was the one who stole the Night Driver game. While she was on the run, Lena stole the game to give herself something to do in her down time while on the run (we think). So as we were giving audio updates, she breaks in through the window and fires off seven rounds at us with her shotgun. Luckily, she has an absolutely terrible shot. Literally. Worst I’ve ever seen. El Jota and I were not hit once, we were completely fine actually. After Lena missed all seven shots (lol), she jumped back out the window from which she came from and ran away. We haven’t seen Lena since the incident, she is still on the run from the cops. Unfortunately, yet we know she has the game from the finger prints and video surveillance matching up, we still don’t have the game from her. I feel we have failed Groom. I don’t know what to do. I’m kinda scared, I might end up having to go on the run from the wrath of Groom actually. I’ll keep you posted on me and Jota’s next adventures. Until next time. Johnny Corner Pocket, out.

Love Finda Surveillance Video

Jota and I decided it would be a good idea for us to have some surveillance  footage at the ITCC game room. We did it late at night because thats usually when suspicious activity happens. Unfortunately for me, I was very tired and ended up falling asleep on the floor. Luckily, Jota was also snooping around along with the surveillance footage.

(Aka we set a GoPro up and speeded up the frames 4000 times faster)


The Love Finda Agency has been in action and is hard at work at solving the case of the Night Driver. El Jota and I have decided to use audio updates as our primary source to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Update 1:

Audio Update 2:

Audio Update 3:

Also, created a LOST poster that is posted up all over campus and in the ITCC.


There will be a surveillance video coming soon, a diary entry from El Jota and I, and much more! Stay tuned! We will find this game. We will. I promise. Or you can punch me in the face. Jk that would hurt. #lovefindaagency

Agency Update!

Johnny Corner Pocket here:

I might be having a quarter life crisis: Within the past two months, I went from trying to be the world’s best pool player, to hiring a hitman to kill the guy who stole the love of my life, to now teaming up with the guy I was trying to kill to start an agency. I don’t know what’s going on with my life haha! But anyways, El Jota and I settled our differences and have put our pool playing and club owning ways to the side to start the Love Finda Agency. The reason we started the Love Finda Agency is because, well, a lady. After I couldn’t win back Lena Meyers because 1. she didn’t want me in the first place and 2. she killed my hitman which is illegal. She is now wanted for first degree murder and is hiding out somewhere under a new identity. So that left me and El Jota to settle our ways. We are now a dynamic duo and ready to solve the case of the Night Driver.

We don’t know much, but what we do know is that there is a missing Atari game somewhere out there and we are going to find it. So the other day, El Jota and I went up to the fourth floor of the convergence center to start figuring out this mystery. We were quickly distracted by the red spinny chairs and a select few attractive girls. Once we realized we had wasted countless hours, we went straight to work. We took finger prints of the whole area. We also didn’t necessarily know what we were doing since my expertise is in pool and El Jota’s is running a night club and getting drunk on a regular basis. But we have finger prints of everything and are now just waiting on the results. Our think our next move will be to start interviewing students and faculty or any suspicious people that we may think will have answers. El Jota and I will keep you posted. Stay tuned for more!


Week 11

Man, crazy things happened this week. So crazy I don’t even know if you guys will believe it. So crazy that I don’t know if you’ll be able to sleep tonight after reading it. So here’s what happened….Are you sure you’re ready?……..are you positive??? Brace yourself………………….. I am no longer going solo for the agency and have actually teamed up with El Jota. Yes, you are probably saying WHAAAT? But it is true. I’ll explain later. Here is the link to our agency The Love Finda.

10 Stars of Assignments

Next, I did over 10 stars worth of assignments (I know I’m such an over achiever).

I made a resume, never thought I would see the day! It can be found here. Worth 3 stars

Next, I did something I also thought I would never do; I made a pinterest. Here‘s the post for that one.

I also made myself into a minion lolz! Here it is.

Last, I came up with a great merger for two power house businesses. It can be found here.

Daily Creates

I did two daily creates. I like the way both turned out! I also learned that Noddy is a thing! Here they are uno y dos.













And last, I owe you guys a video from last week!

If Corner Pocket was a Minion


For this assignment I had to any person or thing and put a cartoon head over it. Of course I’m going to choose a picture of myself because who else would I choose?? I mean I’m Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick of course I’m going to choose me!  But I must say, Despicable Me is a great movie. One of the best in my opinion. So it was a no brainer that I was going to put a minion over my face. I look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I edited this in photoshop (masking tool with black and white filter)

Worth 1.5 Stars