Party Up, Jump Around

For this audio assignment, I did a music mashup for 3.5 stars. My music mashup consisted of two songs, “Party Up” by DMX and “Jump Around” by House of Pain. I chose these two old school hip hop songs because of their fast beats. They are songs you just can’t help but move to! I edited everything in Audacity and already had the music in my iTunes, so I just pulled them from there. I didn’t load the song into Sound Cloud because I was afraid they would take it down due to copyright. Hope you guys enjoy it!

One thought on “Party Up, Jump Around”

  1. You would not believe how hard I was jamming out to this! You took two old classics and made a new one … also, “Party Up” brought back WONDERFUL memories of the movie Like Mike :D … I plan on coming back to this post to take a break and renew my DS106 mojo flow by jamming out all over again!

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