Starring Jim Carey…Whoops I mean Jim Groom


For this design assignment I created a Jim Groom movie poster. At first I had no clue what movie or show I was going to use for this assignment. So I ended up googling actors with the first name Jim and the first name that popped up was Jim Carrey. I then went into Google Images and typed in Jim Carrey movies and then caught my eye on this poster:



This was one of the first movie posters I came across that was mainly Jim Carrey’s head. I decided to run with this poster and then found a picture of Groom. I used photoshop to place Groom’s head on top of Jim Carrey’s and then used the masking tool to bring back the penguins in the picture. I’ve never seen this movie before, nor have any clue what its about (something to do with penguins I’m guessing) but it ended up being a good move poster for me to work with.

Sorry Groom, I had to stretch your face a little bit more than I would have liked to cover all of Jim Carrey’s hair. Hope you’re still alive!

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