The Gang’s All Here


I chose to do the design your own bumper sticker assignment for 3.5 stars. I decided to make a bumper sticker relating to my character, Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. For Johnny, he only has three loves, playing pool, gambling/money, and drinking beer in the process. I put “The Gang’s All Here” under the pictures because that is literally all Johnny needs to satisfy him (or so he thinks). If Johnny had a car, this sticker would definitely be slapped on his bumper.

I found the pictures on google and edited this in photoshop.

One thought on “The Gang’s All Here”

  1. Great design elements in this bumper sticker. It could almost be used for the Icon assignment as well. You come up with some very interesting ideas and good stuff. I like how your approach and creations are unique and not what one might call mainstream or by the book. I look forward to seeing your work as the semester continues. Your work is good and creative, but I don’t think we have seen your best yet. I am anxious to see what you come up with in the weeks ahead.
    Others could gain some insight into their own creative developments from your sharing your work.

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