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Daily Creates

Floating Umbrella

Floating Umbrella

Umbrella art? This daily create would have been cooler if it was pool stick art!! But anyways here is another photoshop creation. Everything you see here was created from different photos. There are five photos in this picture total to create this umbrella art. Here are the original photos:


1464551dstNews_37698_storm Davek_Umbrella_Elite_Open_Straight_1024x1024


And then of course I had a picture of me. I masked everything together in photoshop. Gotta love the masking tool.


For this daily create I had to edit a photo of Noddy being saved. But first I have a couple of questions 1. Who the heck is Noddy? I’ve never heard of this little dude. And 2. Who throws a perfectly good doll in the trash? Maybe the person who threw it away didn’t know who Noddy was either. But anyways here is what I came up with:


I edited everything in photoshop. First I downloaded the original image of Noddy in the trash. I cropped his body out and then added him into a different dumpster (waste management dumpster, of course). Then I had that to a picture of a crane and masked it so it looked like the crane was lifting Noddy out of the trash. #freeNoddy



For this daily create I had to make tree art. Who the heck makes tree art when you could be playing pool??? anyways, as a kid I had always liked to catch stuff on fire. So I found this picture and wanted it to catch on fire as well. So as always, I put the picture in photoshop, added a new layer and used a gradient tool for the new layer. I chose a three color gradient and used yellow, orange, and red. I chose to put the yellow in the corner to also look like a sunset. Once the gradient was in place, I lowered the opacity to blend in the with the original tree picture.

Here is the original picture:



Zebra+Fingerprint=Zebra Print

Zebra + Fingerprint= Zebra Print

For this daily create, they were trying to get me to make art around my fingerprint. Do you think Corner Pocket is that stupid to put his fingerprint on the internet for everyone to see?? Heck no, so here’s what I did. I found some scrub’s fingerprint on the internet. It reminded me of a zebra print so I decided to add a zebra head to the fingerprint. I put the two pictures in photoshop. I used a masking tool for the picture of the zebra to make the picture only fill in the fingerprint. I then turned down the opacity of the zebra to make the two pictures come together as one. I like the way it turned out. Johnny Corner Pocket out.

Life Matters

Corner Pocket here, I don’t know why I’m stuck doing this assignment, I quit school awhile back… But anyways, for this daily create I had  to create a words of wisdom inspirational poster. Usually I would say something like “get money, get paid” but I’m trying to win my girl Lena Meyers back from El Jota so I decided to do something cheesy. So I went with “life only matters, when you do something that matters.”

Life Matters

Besides playing pool, I know thing or two about photoshop. I found this picture of the water in Wilmington, NC (great place, I won a lot of money at a bar there one time) and used the text tool to add the text in. I then lowered the opacity of the text just a little bit to have it blend in with the background some.

P.S. Lena, if you are seeing this…come back to me!!


What a Blur

sunset smudge

For today’s daily create I had to take a picture with a blur. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera that can take pictures with a blur option. I tried it with my phone and moving it quickly but it didn’t really work right. So what I did was I found a picture of a sunset picture online and threw it in photoshop. I used the smudge tool and pulled the colors away from each other to give it a blur effect.

Here is the original picture:


Dåīłÿ Črēâtęš

For my first daily create, I did the My Different Sides assignment. I had to show different sides of myself so I decided to show four different selfies I have taken throughout the year. Each picture was from a different season. The first picture is a Christmas selfie, the second is a summer selfie at my home lake, Smith Mountain Lake, the third is a selfie from Spring Break in Mexico last year, and the last selfie was taken at a dance party at JMU in the fall.

Season of Selfies

The next daily create I did was the Laughing Out Loud assignment. For this, I decided to post the video of when me and my two best friends decided to ride a canoe down 18 stairs into a river. I was in the middle and managed to stay in the canoe and make it all the way to the river! I still laugh every time I watch this video. (No one was seriously injured in the making of this video).

Blue Jack

Jack O'Neill

For this daily create, I had to alter the colors in a photo to a blue and orange to give the photo a more “action themed” look. The photo I chose to use is a photo of a guy named Jack O’neill. Jack O’neill owns O’neill surf company and is also the creator of the wetsuit. The blue and orange look did not give it an action themed look, however, I don’t think any colors could make this photo look too exciting. I edited this photo in photoshop by using color adjustments. I had to enhance the blues to make them stand out more. Here is the original photo with out the blue and orange:

Jack O'Neill

I love this photo for it’s simplicity and the detail in the picture. You can see each strand of hair in his beard and see each line under his eye. Plus anybody who wears an eye patch that isn’t a pirate is cool with me.

DS106 Takes On Outerspace

DS106 Does Outerspace

For this daily create, I had to imagine that DS106 was a space station. Now I know this isn’t a drawing but I’m way more confident in my photoshop abilities than my drawing abilities so I stuck with photoshop. Of course I imagined the DS106 space ship to be the convergence center! It probably has just as much technology in it than an actual space ship. Just kidding probably not but who knows!! I also decided to throw in Groom in there as well! I pulled all of the pictures from google and then did some copy and pasting to get the final picture.

What a Brilliant Idea

For this daily create I had to tell a story with using only five words. The first emoji I imagined being a test so I ran with that. The second one, the monkey holding its mouth represents me not telling my parents about my bad test grade. Third, the mushroom looks like Toad from Super Mario Bros so that was my inspiration behind the video game part of the story. The fourth emoji, Chinese food, I think you get the picture. Andddd the last emoji represents homework and studying because when I was in elementary school my teachers always had school themed decorations in their classrooms and rulers were always incorporated so thats why I think of it as homework in the story. I hope you enjoy my short story.

Emoji Story