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Daily Creates

Food Create

Food Face

For this daily create I had to get a picture of me wearing my food. Now the assignment says I’m supposed to be wearing jewelry made of food and if you look at my picture, my mustache pretzel stick is clearly not jewelry. BUT if you look closely, you can see me holding not one, but TWO pretzel monocles. Yeah call me crazy but who needs glasses when you are willing to start a new fashion trend with two monocles? Be on the lookout in the latest fashion magazines for this.

Shout out to the girlfriend for giving me these chocolate covered pretzels on Valentines Day.



For this daily create we had to choose a super power. If I got to choose a super power I would definitely choose to fly. You could go anywhere you wanted, see cool places from different angles, and get places a lot faster than walking (well, hopefully). Here is a picture of me last summer at my home lake, Smith Mountain, trying to achieve the super power I’ve always dreamed of. I’m not quite there yet. Maybe next summer.

Daily Create: Creative Hand


This is one of the weirder things I’ve posted. But for today’s daily create it is focusing on hands. “What do your creative hands look like” it asks. My girlfriend took this picture of me after she put my hair up like that and of course as she was taking it I was going to put my hand up to block my face. I decided to change the color of my hand in photoshop and added a gradient to it to give it the cool shadowy looking effect. Not my most favorite picture by any means but I like how my hand draws all the attention instead of my hair (well hopefully).

Daily Create: Pizza!


For this daily create, I had to caption what this puppy was thinking. As I was thinking of things to say, I wondered to myself…well what would I be thinking if I was making a face like that. Wanting pizza was the first thing that came to mind, so I decided to go with it. I think I’m going to go get some pizza now after making this daily create #virginiaisforpizzalovers


For this daily create we are supposed to take on the concept of ruin-porn photography. This type of photography focuses on the decline of buildings and capturing urban decay in the photograph. Since I don’t know of many buildings around Fredericksburg like this, I decided to make my own picture in photoshop.


I used four pictures to create this by masking them together in photoshop. Here are the four pictures I used and edited:

PanCit urbanrefugees5-561x373

article-2286878-186A9074000005DC-134_964x505 Dark-Clouds-31

Christmas in 2048


This was a hard assignment for me to do because I used to be addicted to 2048. I was so addicted that I deleted it from my phone because I played it way too much. So as I was thinking of what to do for this, it was very tempting for me to download the app again. But when I read the instructions, right away I knew I wanted to do something with the holidays. As I started searching for pictures I ended up stumbling upon too many good Santa pictures so I stuck with Santa instead of incorporating different holidays. I like how it turned out. I still miss 2048 very much but it is for the best that I don’t play it anymore.



For today’s daily create I had to create a collage of everything I did today. Most of my morning was sleeping in since I never get to do that. The first thing I did one I woke up was go to this rec center place with my housemates to get chili dogs. (Yes, I know eating chili dogs as soon as you wake up doesn’t sound like the best thing in the world but I loved it.) We ate and then played a few games of pool while listening to good music. I then went to Wegman’s with some friends to study and do homework. That took up most of my day unfortunately. I then treated myself for all the work I did today with Chipotle. I brought the food back to my house and watched the Vanderbilt vs LSU game on my laptop and cheered on my old high school classmate who plays for Vanderbilt. After the game, my housemates and I were inspired and played a game of “HORSE” on our Little Tikes goal. I am now ending the night with my girlfriend and drinking my favorite beer, Sea Dog.