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Agency Update!

Johnny Corner Pocket here:

I might be having a quarter life crisis: Within the past two months, I went from trying to be the world’s best pool player, to hiring a hitman to kill the guy who stole the love of my life, to now teaming up with the guy I was trying to kill to start an agency. I don’t know what’s going on with my life haha! But anyways, El Jota and I settled our differences and have put our pool playing and club owning ways to the side to start the Love Finda Agency. The reason we started the Love Finda Agency is because, well, a lady. After I couldn’t win back Lena Meyers because 1. she didn’t want me in the first place and 2. she killed my hitman which is illegal. She is now wanted for first degree murder and is hiding out somewhere under a new identity. So that left me and El Jota to settle our ways. We are now a dynamic duo and ready to solve the case of the Night Driver.

We don’t know much, but what we do know is that there is a missing Atari game somewhere out there and we are going to find it. So the other day, El Jota and I went up to the fourth floor of the convergence center to start figuring out this mystery. We were quickly distracted by the red spinny chairs and a select few attractive girls. Once we realized we had wasted countless hours, we went straight to work. We took finger prints of the whole area. We also didn’t necessarily know what we were doing since my expertise is in pool and El Jota’s is running a night club and getting drunk on a regular basis. But we have finger prints of everything and are now just waiting on the results. Our think our next move will be to start interviewing students and faculty or any suspicious people that we may think will have answers. El Jota and I will keep you posted. Stay tuned for more!

Inside Talking Update

Week 2 on our video and we encountered a small problem. We were supposed to shoot the video this week but none of us could meet up this week to finish the task. Weddings, work, internships, classes, and varsity sports practices and Johnny’s pool tournaments all got in our way this week. Luckily for us, the kind agents (professors) gave us an extension on this project. We are filming the video tonight and will be editing it over the next few days. We already have our script ready so things should be smooth sailing from here! But all good things are worth waiting for (except Lil Wayne’s mixtapes but that’s another story). Thanks again for the extension professors!

We are sorry for the inconvenience and we look forward to posting our final video


The Inside Talking Team

Tweeeeet Along

On Wednesday I listened to Noir at Night and Silk Road. They were both very different from each other which was nice. Noir at Night was kind of hard to follow along with at first but once I listened to it for a little bit I caught on. They played noir themed movie trailers. I think if we could have actually watched the trailers it would have been easier to follow along but other than that it was a cool idea. The Silk Road talk show was awesome. They had great characters in the show and even used outside voices from the class to play characters since it was only two of them making the show. I think one of the characters was voiced by a girls mom which gained so much respect in my book! Way to bring the family into ds106! #ds106forlife But they were fun to watch and I’ve really enjoyed the tweet alongs.

Inside Talking Final Reflection

It was really fun getting to listen to my group’s radio show after everything was done. It was also cool to see people quoting things that I said in the show on twitter as they were listening to it. I don’t know if I would have necessarily done anything differently for the show. The only thing I wish is I wish it didn’t take us as long as it did. Since we were a big group we had to fill make a 30 minute show. The hardest thing about the project was finding time to meet with everyone. Since it’s an online class everyone does the class on their own time so it was really hard trying to find a time when everyone could get together. If I had to give advice to future ds106 students it would be, first don’t take this class if you are just taking it for credits because it is a ton of work and second, choose your group wisely for this project.

Are We Done Yet? Radio Show Progress

It was a long night last night. Six people in one room for five hours. Yes, five hours. Even though I was in a room for five hours last night, this radio show is definitely a lot more than what I thought. We had some pretty good laughs in the process. Our group finished pretty much all of the recordings last night and now we just have to edit and throw in some sound effects here and there. I’m pretty excited for the finished product, I think it will be really good. We are doing a talk show featuring all of noir characters. We have several bumpers and commercials. There is one commercial in particular that just might end up being the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard, at least for me it was. We are meeting again tomorrow night to do some more editing and hopefully finish everything up. Stay tuned.

Inside Talking: A Night of Noir

Inside Talking: A Night of Noir is our radio show idea. Inside Talking is a talk show we are doing and the theme of the talk show is “A Night of Noir.” My group consists of Jack Eaton, Christine Loehr, Brian Goulet, Shannon Grubbs and myself. A few of us met up to talk about what we wanted the radio show to look like. We created a google doc and came up with a script for our radio show where Christine will be the talk show host and she will be playing as her character Lena. The rest of us will play the role of our characters and be interviewed by Christine (Lena) and answer three questions each. This radio show will include four radio bumpers and three commercials. To radio show script can be found here. I am excited for what is to come for this radio show and think it will go really well!

Inside Promo Talking

Inside Talking Promo

I created this poster for our radio show Inside Speaking: A Night of Noir. It will be a talk show interviewing all of our characters. I edited this in photoshop and found a picture that i thought represented noir well. Once I found the pictures I used the text tool in photoshop to add the words. I’m excited for whats to come for this radio show!

Double Indemnity

This week I decided to watch Double Indemnity. It is a noir film that came out in 1944. It was a little hard for me to watch a movie that was so old. I guess I’m so used to the modern movies these days with quality effects and are actually in color, so it was kind of a struggle to watch at first. I started to get more into it as the movie went on. I looked for ways on how space helped frame the design and style of noir within the movie. I’m not fully sure how to answer this but I guess what I noticed is that the movie was very simple but very well produced. I noticed within some of the buildings they were in, (more so the homes) that there wasn’t much on the walls. For me it added an effect that was much more intense. A home without decorations or furniture can make it feel a little creepier. Or maybe the film didn’t want to focus so much on props, but more on the effects such as the lighting. The lighter it was, the happier the film felt, or I guess..more comfortable. Then, the darker it was, the more ‘on edge’ the mood was.

My Main Man Viggy

After reading the The Vignelli Cannon by Massimo Vignelli, I really felt like I knew who Vignelli was as a person. I really think we could be best friends. Just kidding. But I got a much better understanding of design. At first, I did not know what to think after looking at the cover. You would think that a person who works with a graphic design for a profession would have a cooler cover than that, I mean come on! As I read along I realized that Vignelli is a big fan of simple. He states, “we like design that is clear, simple, and enduring.” I thought it was interesting that he said design doesn’t have a style, that “design is one.” Vignelli says that design is a discipline. I always thought design had different styles. I had to read it over a few times to try to understand the discipline over style aspect of design. It’s interesting. I’m still trying to process that part. It was cool to see graphic design being created on paper. I’ve always thought of graphic design being done on the computer through softwares like Photoshop and other photo editing softwares like that. So it was interesting to see the process of creating pages for texts books. I also liked how he told part of his story within a grid, just as he would when creating a book for a client.

There are a lot of aspects of design I’m becoming more aware of or that I didn’t even think about. Each design should have a meaning behind it or even before it is created or the design can be pointless. Unfortunately, I guess some of my best work is “shallow and meaningless” because I didn’t have an exact thought process or meaning when creating it. Or maybe I did have a meaning I just didn’t realize it.