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dEsIgN bLiTz

For this design blitz assignment I took for photos that represented symbols, color, typography and rhythm. Most of these pictures were taken from my parents house at Smith Mountain Lake.


O'neill Surf Company

This is the logo for one of my all time favorite clothing companies. The company is O’neill and they are one of the top surf apparel companies in the U.S. O’neill’s logo sums up who they are because they were founded by Jack O’neill in Santa Cruz, California and has a surfer within the logo. I like this logo because it makes you look at it for a second to figure out what is going on. The way the logo is created it makes the surfer blend in with the wave to give it a cool effect.



Of course, since it was Valentines Day you have to bring these guys out for the color picture. When placed on a solid background, the candy really seems to pop. The bright colors are very eye catching. The “LOVE” on the orange heart seems to catch my eye first, maybe because it is in the middle. Also, the off centered “SAY YES” catches my eye as well because of the vibrant blue and because of how terribly off centered it is.


Smith Mountain Lake

I got to go home this weekend, home is Smith Mountain Lake and I have this sign in my room. I was big into wakeboarding in high school so this sign was a must when I saw it in a salvage shop. The sign looks a lot older than it actually is. In my opinion, they made the “Smith Mountain Lake” part of the sign in a more beat up font to go along with the rustic look of the sign. I also think they used a font to go well with “wakeboard wizardry.” Each font is different to portray a different feel within the sign.



This isn’t the most exciting picture in the world but I think it portrays rhythm well. It has good diagonal movement going shooting upwards. It has good texture and and pattern to it.

A Time to Reflect…On Audio Storytelling

This week I learned how important audio is in storytelling, especially in noir! Audio and sound effects can really make a story come alive. Audio effects enhance the experience for a viewer or listener and is a key part to any film. After watching the two Touch of Evil opening scenes, I could not decide which one I liked more.

In the street sounds video I really enjoyed the small noises going on all around within the video. I felt like I was in the street with everyone else. You could hear the footsteps on people walking across the road and all the different noises of the car. The video also had a good mix of background music to give the opening scene a little more life to it. Here is the video below:

In the next video, the opening scene includes themed music. The themed music takes over most of the detailed sounds heard in the first video. The music adds more of a dramatic feel to the scene. I don’t know what the Touch of Evil is about but the themed music was probably most fitting for the movie. Without seeing the movie though, I personally liked the first video with all the street sounds included. It added more detail and made the scene come more to life in my opinion. Here is the second video:

I read The Ambience of Film Noir and it talked about the importance of audio and sound effects in movies. Early on, the people working for Hollywood Studios discovered that putting sound effects to go along with what the characters are doing and seeing, can go a long way. It adds another level of clarity to a film for the viewers. After reading this it has made me focus on the sounds being used to go along with the noir films and radio broadcasts more.

I participated in the live tweet-along on Thursday night. We listened to The Killers and Man on the Moon? I cannot remember the exact name of the second one we listened to but it was an alternate story of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s mission to the moon. I enjoyed that one a lot because it was completely different type of noir I have heard since taking this class. The ending was a little dramatic because I assumed they died since they never talked about them coming back to Earth. But I enjoyed the tweet-along and the hour ended up going by super quick. Here are a couple of my tweets from the hour. I got a little excited with the hashtags as the night went on.



Storming my Brain with Radio Show Ideas

For our radio show assignment in a couple of weeks here is what I would like to do…

Since we will be in groups, I think it would be fun if each member in the group used their created character and we put together a noir themed story to tell. Each person would be the voice of their character and really try to bring the character to life. The person whose character has the least amount of lines would be the narrator and would give background info of the story when characters aren’t speaking.

Another idea would be to have a talk show with all of our characters. If there is a person that doesn’t particularly like their character as much, they could be the talk show host. The talk show host could ask each character a couple of questions dealing with their life and story.

The last option would be to have a show like you would hear on the radio today. In the 20 minutes, the group would play two or three songs that you would typically hear in a nor film. Then we could do a character interview in between songs. Also we could make noir related commercials such as a commercial trying to sale trench coat or cigars.

Whatever we do I would love to somehow incorporate my character, Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick.

My Life as a “Photographer”

I don’t know much about photography but it is something I have been getting more and more into. I took a photoshop class last semester and that is where my interest for photography started to grow. I don’t own a camera except for the camera on my iPhone. I had the opportunity to use my roommates Canon DSLR for a few of my projects in my photoshop  class and it was fun getting to use a really nice camera. I do not take a lot of pictures. If I do its always on my phone. I really like taking pictures of landscapes and bodies of water. I love the water so generally when I’m near the ocean or a lake I will take a picture. I do not have a particular approach when taking pictures I just take whatever looks photo worthy and move on. Since I do not take many pictures of people its hard for me to capture a feeling or meaning.  I do not put much thought in my pictures, I just take them as I see them. After reviewing the resources, I realized that there is so much more to photography than just snapping good lucking pictures. Each photograph should tell a story. For me, I think I need to evaluate what I’m taking a picture of before taking the picture. I need to answer questions for myself like, what is going on here? Who or what is involved? What is the overall feeling or meaning behind this? After reviewing these resources, I will take whats going on in my photographs more into account.

Here are two pictures I took at my home lake, Smith Mountain Lake



As you can probably tell, I like sunsets…

Noir noir noir

The noir readings I read this week were The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Killers, and The Shadow. They had to do with crime, mystery, and drama, aka all true to noir fashion. They were all very interesting so here is what I thought about all of them…

First, The Postman Always Rings Twice, it was a long read and I didn’t think I would ever finish it but I finally got the job done. There was, as expected, a large of amount of crime and mystery. There was also a large focus on sex in the story which added to the suspense and the deceit that went on. It was hard to pick up on the story at first since it jumped right into the action. The story was very focused on a greed for money and lust. It wasn’t one of my favorite stories and it was a little depressing with everything that went down but overall I think it represented the noir style writing well.

Second, I read The Killers and I was happy to see that it wasn’t as long as the first story I read. It started out with two hit-men in trench coats walking into Henry’s lunch-room. They were there for one reason and that was to find Ole Anderson and kill him. They did not end up seeing Ole Anderson and left the restaurant without any harm done. Nick “Bright Boy” went to go tell Ole Anderson that there were two men looking to kill him. Ole Anderson laid in his room just waiting for the day they find him. I did not like the ending and was hoping for a little more action. It was very depressing that Ole Anderson knew that there was nothing he could do and was waiting for his death.

Third, I read The Shadow and at first I didn’t like the layout of it since it was a script. As I read on I ended up enjoying the script version a lot more than I thought I would. I thought it brought the story to life and I felt I was one with the story. This story seemed very dark to me. I pictured the character, “the Shadow” a dark eerie man with a scary voice and a man that you never got to see his face. I found this story to stay very true to a noir styled story.

As for noir itself, it’s taking some time to get used to. This isn’t my favorite style to read to be honest. I don’t do well with mysteries and want to know whats going on all the time. I hope as the semester goes on I begin to enjoy this type of style more and more.

Johnny Corner Pocket

Johnny was born on January 2nd, 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has lived his whole life. Johnny never had much of a home life. His father, Jim McCormick, walked out on the family when he was five years old. Johnny was an only child so he grew up with his mother, Wendy McCormick. Wendy started dating other men soon after Jim left and Johnny never enjoyed having any of them over. Johnny’s relationship with his mother started to turn sour, as he got older. The two never saw eye to eye so Johnny started spending time around the house less and less. He would always sneak out of the house looking for the next adventure and looking for what trouble he could get into next. Johnny ended up dropping out of high school; he always said, “It was a waste of my time.” Once dropping out of high school, he moved in with his friend named Gary. Gary was a few years older than Johnny and worked in a pool hall/bar named Corner Pockets Bar. Gary was able to get Johnny a job at the bar where he would clean dishes and empty the garbage when need be.

After work, Johnny started picking up the game of pool. He quickly became addicted to the game and constantly was looking to improve his skills. He would stay at the bar for hours after his shift to play. Once he was confident in his pool playing abilities, he started playing for money. When he wasn’t playing pool or working, he was out behind the bar playing dice for money as well. Johnny quickly became the guy to beat in Corner Pockets Bar. His nickname, “Johnny Corner Pocket” was founded shortly after for his legendary billiards style of only using the corner pockets and home of where his love for the game first started. When questioned about not using the side pockets in his play, he stated, “Side Pockets? Forget about it! Johnny goes for the corners!” Johnny started making more and more money and was working his way up to be on the most notorious pool players in all of Boston.

Johnny Corner Pocket is looking to extend his reputation by getting out of Boston and moving to the only city that could fully fuel his gambling addiction, Las Vegas. He dreams of a new life filled with gambling, billiards, girls and fame. He believes that Las Vegas can fulfill that dream for him.

What does Johnny look like?

Jo the pool player...!

Johnny is a tall, slender man with brown eyes. He is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 170 pounds. He has short, dark hair and always slicks it to the side. Johnny has some sort of facial hair on him at all times and is never clean-shaven. When he doesn’t have a toothpick hanging out of his mouth, he’ll have a cigarette to replace it. His clothes are rather raggedy but always find’s a way to make it look good. Johnny is a ladies man; the girls love his style, his hair, and his swagger.