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Read a Movie???

In the article How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert, he talks about all of the components that go into making a movie. Just like photography, I learned there is a lot more involved than what meets the eye. Ebert talked about concepts of positive, negative, stronger, weaker, stable, past, future, dominant, submissive, color, lighting, shadows, construction, characters, dialogue, acting, history, sources, influences, and messages that are all evaluated within a movie. I learned every camera angle, every light, and every microphone placement are well though out before the filming actually starts happening. I was amazed at how much went in to “reading” a film.

I watched the Star Wars Continuity Mistakes and it was pretty entertaining to watch. I could watch that movie 100 times and probably would have never recognized any of those mistakes. I thought the video was kind of ridiculous at the same time though with pointing out the littlest things like that. I figured when you are making a movie as big and as detailed as that you will have some tiny mistakes.

Next, I watched The Shining- Zooms and it was a pretty weird video, I guess to go along with a pretty weird movie. The zooms in and out of the characters were used to add dramatic effect and to add to the tension of the movie. I even felt uneasy when all of them were zooming in and out and then added the erie music.

Last, I watched the match cut video and it is also super weird. Besides how weird the video is, it shows an example of a match cut. According to the video a match cut is “in which two shots with similar compositional elements are joined.” In the video the transition from the bone to the space ship is an example of a match cut is often used in movies. For this case, it is easy to pick out the match cut because of how bad the transition is. I would love to see this movie one day for the not so good special effects.

Inspired Spaceship

Word on the street is that Spencer Scott is well on his way to making it to the ds106 hall of fame, if he hasn’t made it in already and I can definitely believe that. His work is always above and beyond. One work in particular was his daily create he did for the ds106 spaceship. Not only did he provide a drawing of the spaceship, (which was really well drawn) but even provided a lego spaceship with it! This guy is killing this class, I love looking at all of his posts and then get super jealous at how good they are. Great work Spencer!





Big Fan of this Safari

When it came to the Noir Photo Safari, Christine Loehr’s was by far one of my favorites. If it was a competition, her photos would have destroyed mine. All of her photos are very unique but all have a similar color scheme to bring them together. They have a very “noir” style to them as well. The lighting is also really cool in all of them. Great photos Christine. I’m inspired. Seriously. Here is the link to her post!

Here is my favorite picture from her photo safari


It’s True, She Can Rap

This is a shout out post to Tiffany Yowell for her ds106 rap about her character. The first time I heard it I was blown away by how good it was! Here post is titled Yeah, I Can Rap and she is not lying. I’m so jealous of her because I wish I could throw together something like this! I love it because the rhymes are good and she flows really well with the music. Great work Tiffany!

Photoshop Wizard- Brian Goulet


As soon as we started posting assignments in this class, Brian Goulet’s work stood out to me. He is super good at photoshop and I don’t know how he does half the stuff he does on there. One post in particular that I love was a daily create he did having to talk about what super power he would choose to have. He chose teleporting or time travel and the picture he edited was perfect to represent those super powers. The link to his blog and the blog post can be found here. Good work Brian.


Well another week is in the books. I’m going to be completely honest and say that this week was one of my more favorite weeks just because we didn’t have to do any reading. I know that sounds pretty lame but it’s true. I love getting to design things in photoshop and I have a new found love for Audacity. Speaking of Audacity, I thought all of my audio assignment were going to take a long time but since getting the hang of the program it wasn’t too bad! I actually enjoyed it! It felt a little weird not doing any daily creates this week but I didn’t mind not having to them too much. I’m excited to get to do them next week. As for my group, I really enjoy working with all of them. We have a good group and I think our radio show will turn out great. I also got to meet the legendary Jim Groom while I was working with my group in the convergence center. He looks just like his pictures.  But I’m definitely starting to enjoy this class more now that I know how to manage my time wisely with all of the assignments. But here is the low down on everything I did this week:

Radio Show Progress: we established a group, got each others numbers, met up and laid out everything that will be going on in our radio show. The post for that can be found here.

Radio Show Design Project: I wasn’t sure if everyone in the group had to create their own individual poster or bumper, or if we could all use the same one so I just ended up creating my own to be on the safe side. I never mind going in photoshop and creating something anyways. The poster can be found here.

Radio Listen-along: I was in Thursday nights listen along and once again I loved it. We listened to The Adventures of Phillip Marleau and Jack the Ripper. They were both pretty good but I think I was more fascinated with Jack the Ripper. It was a pretty creepy story and there were a lot of great sound effects which added to the effect. Here are a couple of tweets I tweeted from the night.

Commenting: Here are the links to all of my comments:

Audio Assignments: I did three audio assignments for a total of ten stars. Six of those stars were focused on my character Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick.

First, I did a music mashup worth 3.5 stars-

My next two posts focused on my character.

I did an assignment where I played the role of Johnny and told a two minute story of his life-

Last, I made a theme song for Johnny-

I’m excited for week seven!

Allow me to Introduce Myself…

Hey guys, my name is Landon Epperly. I am senior and a business major at Mary Wash. I live on Smith Mountain Lake in Moneta, Virginia. I love the water and all things water sports.

Here is a video of me doing a little bit of wakeboarding at my home lake. Sorry for the bad video quality!

I’m fascinated by photoshop so here is a picture I did for one of my projects last semester.


Needtobreathe is one of my favorite bands and I’m a big fan on night drives so this song is fitting.