Dear diary,

I almost died today. Just when I was on cloud nine after El Jota and I solved the case of the Night Driver, Lena Meyers busts into our Love Finda headquarters and tries to kill us with a shotgun! Yes, Lena Meyers was the one who stole the Night Driver game. While she was on the run, Lena stole the game to give herself something to do in her down time while on the run (we think). So as we were giving audio updates, she breaks in through the window and fires off seven rounds at us with her shotgun. Luckily, she has an absolutely terrible shot. Literally. Worst I’ve ever seen. El Jota and I were not hit once, we were completely fine actually. After Lena missed all seven shots (lol), she jumped back out the window from which she came from and ran away. We haven’t seen Lena since the incident, she is still on the run from the cops. Unfortunately, yet we know she has the game from the finger prints and video surveillance matching up, we still don’t have the game from her. I feel we have failed Groom. I don’t know what to do. I’m kinda scared, I might end up having to go on the run from the wrath of Groom actually. I’ll keep you posted on me and Jota’s next adventures. Until next time. Johnny Corner Pocket, out.

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