Blue Jack

Jack O'Neill

For this daily create, I had to alter the colors in a photo to a blue and orange to give the photo a more “action themed” look. The photo I chose to use is a photo of a guy named Jack O’neill. Jack O’neill owns O’neill surf company and is also the creator of the wetsuit. The blue and orange look did not give it an action themed look, however, I don’t think any colors could make this photo look too exciting. I edited this photo in photoshop by using color adjustments. I had to enhance the blues to make them stand out more. Here is the original photo with out the blue and orange:

Jack O'Neill

I love this photo for it’s simplicity and the detail in the picture. You can see each strand of hair in his beard and see each line under his eye. Plus anybody who wears an eye patch that isn’t a pirate is cool with me.

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