Dåīłÿ Črēâtęš

For my first daily create, I did the My Different Sides assignment. I had to show different sides of myself so I decided to show four different selfies I have taken throughout the year. Each picture was from a different season. The first picture is a Christmas selfie, the second is a summer selfie at my home lake, Smith Mountain Lake, the third is a selfie from Spring Break in Mexico last year, and the last selfie was taken at a dance party at JMU in the fall.

Season of Selfies

The next daily create I did was the Laughing Out Loud assignment. For this, I decided to post the video of when me and my two best friends decided to ride a canoe down 18 stairs into a river. I was in the middle and managed to stay in the canoe and make it all the way to the river! I still laugh every time I watch this video. (No one was seriously injured in the making of this video).

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