What a Brilliant Idea

For this daily create I had to tell a story with using only five words. The first emoji I imagined being a test so I ran with that. The second one, the monkey holding its mouth represents me not telling my parents about my bad test grade. Third, the mushroom looks like Toad from Super Mario Bros so that was my inspiration behind the video game part of the story. The fourth emoji, Chinese food, I think you get the picture. Andddd the last emoji represents homework and studying because when I was in elementary school my teachers always had school themed decorations in their classrooms and rulers were always incorporated so thats why I think of it as homework in the story. I hope you enjoy my short story.

Emoji Story


4 thoughts on “What a Brilliant Idea”

  1. hahaha that’s funny and brilliant that you u used the mushrooms to represent Super Mario game. I think you could have used a little more imagination with the Chinese part of the story. Think about it and maybe download the game “Guess Emoji” it is fun to play and teach u how to guess those emojis. Great work!

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