Zebra+Fingerprint=Zebra Print

Zebra + Fingerprint= Zebra Print

For this daily create, they were trying to get me to make art around my fingerprint. Do you think Corner Pocket is that stupid to put his fingerprint on the internet for everyone to see?? Heck no, so here’s what I did. I found some scrub’s fingerprint on the internet. It reminded me of a zebra print so I decided to add a zebra head to the fingerprint. I put the two pictures in photoshop. I used a masking tool for the picture of the zebra to make the picture only fill in the fingerprint. I then turned down the opacity of the zebra to make the two pictures come together as one. I like the way it turned out. Johnny Corner Pocket out.


4 thoughts on “Zebra+Fingerprint=Zebra Print”

  1. Well aren’t you just super creative? I really like the effect you did. It was smart not to put your fingerprint on the internet. Getting caught for your past (or future) probably isn’t in your best interest.

  2. Awesome idea for fingerprint art! I also love that you stay in character for your description. Never a good idea to put your fingerprint on the internet!

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