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Corner Pocket’s Theme Song

For this audio assignment worth 4 stars, I had to make a theme song. I decided to use a theme song for my character Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick instead of doing one for myself. In this audio, it starts off by Johnny picking up a pool stick and putting some chalk on it. The intro music fades in and then breaks all the balls to signal the pool game has begun. The song would be perfect back ground music for one of Corner Pockets heated pool matches (and yes, pool matches can get heated). The instrumental I used is from Drake’s song called “Trophies”

I pulled the chalking the pool stick and the break sounds from freesound.org and found the instrumental on YouTube.


Johnny’s Life in Two Minutes

For this audio assignment, I had to record a two minute significant event or problem in my life. So instead of talking about my life, I decided to do a recording of my character Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. Johnny talks about how he got the nickname Corner Pocket and how he fell in love with the game of pool. Johnny then talks about how he wants to move to Las Vegas to continue his billiards career. Corner Pocket also describes the hardships with his family. His father left the family and he does not get along with his mom so he has to make a living for himself.

I recorded this in Audacity and did some minor editing as well. I picture Johnny having a high pitched voice than I do so I edited my voice to make it sound higher.


Party Up, Jump Around

For this audio assignment, I did a music mashup for 3.5 stars. My music mashup consisted of two songs, “Party Up” by DMX and “Jump Around” by House of Pain. I chose these two old school hip hop songs because of their fast beats. They are songs you just can’t help but move to! I edited everything in Audacity and already had the music in my iTunes, so I just pulled them from there. I didn’t load the song into Sound Cloud because I was afraid they would take it down due to copyright. Hope you guys enjoy it!



I decided to do the Favorite Song audio assignment in which you have to take the lyrics out of a song for thirty seconds and see if everyone can guess which song it is. The song I chose already has a fair amount of instrumental within the song (there is a hint for you) so I chose a thirty second part of the song where the lyrics are supposed to be there. The very end of the song will also probably give it away too, so you’re welcome. I edited and trimmed everything in Audacity. I decided not put this on soundcloud just in case for some crazy reason they took it down for copyright infringement.



I decided to do the Greatest Hits Storytelling audio assignment and used the band NEEDTOBREATHE.

For this mashup, I started out with a slower song and then the mashup builds into and ends with a fast paced song. I used Audacity to create the mashup and used the fade in and out effects to make the transitions sound somewhat decent. It didn’t take as long as I thought it was going to just because of all the practice I’ve had with Audacity this week.

I really enjoy NEEDTOBREATHE’s music because their lyrics aren’t words that just so happen to rhyme and sound good together, they write about real things. These five songs are about making a difference in the world. They talk about darkness and light and redemption and hope. It’s great stuff so if you don’t listen to them I highly recommend you do so!!


Here Comes Johnny!

For the sound effects story, I created Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick walking into Corner Pockets Bar and going in the back room to play a game of pool. All of these sounds are from freesound.org. I tried to make the background noise in the bar simmer down once he entered the back room to make it seem like he was in an exclusive pool room. This was a fun but challenging assignment since you could not use any dialogue to tell the story.


Radio Bumper

For this radio bumper I found a video of noir related music made by Daniel Carison on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBUsdLPmkvc I found a part I liked and cut the rest. I decided to use the more eery part of the song to give it a more intense feel to the bumper. I edited the pitch of my voice in Audacity to make it deeper because I don’t like the sound of my voice and my original voice didn’t match up well with the background music. It took me awhile to get used to Audacity but once I got the hang of it, it was actually pretty addicting to use.