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If Corner Pocket was a Minion


For this assignment I had to any person or thing and put a cartoon head over it. Of course I’m going to choose a picture of myself because who else would I choose?? I mean I’m Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick of course I’m going to choose me!  But I must say, Despicable Me is a great movie. One of the best in my opinion. So it was a no brainer that I was going to put a minion over my face. I look pretty good if I do say so myself.

I edited this in photoshop (masking tool with black and white filter)

Worth 1.5 Stars


Johnny Ain’t Messin Around

Lenny's Business Card

For the last assignment I collaborated with Jack Eaton on, we decided to do a business card. Our two characters have a really good story going and so I thought it would be fun to do a Lenny’s Hitman Service Business card. The business card was created in photoshop. We started with a 5×3 blank canvas and then used the paint bucket tool to make it black. We then pulled a typical noir photo from good and placed in on the page. I blended the edges of the picture to the black canvas to give it a better look. Then used the text tool on photoshop to add the name and the number.

Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick found this business card in an alley the night after he finished doing the talk show Inside Talking Lena Meyers. This was also the same night El Jota stole the love of his life, Lena Meyers from him. Johnny called Lenny’s Hitman Service in hopes that he can kill El Jota evidence free! Johnny Corner Pocket isn’t trying to take a charge!

2 stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-own-business-card/

Lena Meyers <3


This digital assignment was to create a valentine card. Jota Dinero just got married on Inside Talking’s live radio show. Its more than appropriate to give your wife a homemade valentine card. Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick is not too thrilled about this whole situation. Johnny also made a card for his love and hopes for the best. Jack and I found a generic valentine day card and imported it to photoshop. We first got Christine Loehr’s permission to use “Lena Meyers” face for the card. We lassoed her face out (that sounds awful) and placed it in the heart. We blurred the edges to add a nice effect too. We then used the text tool to add our personal message… My message is from the heart unlike whatever Jota’s message is… I wonder what he said in his card…?



DS106 Wallpaper


For this design assignment, I had to create a ds106 wallpaper. I wanted to try something I’ve never done before in photoshop. I’ve always wanted to try a shattered glass look on a text but never got around to trying it. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. Here is the final product. Overall, I am pleased with how it turned out.

I ended up editing this once more by adding a bullet hole to it (Bond’s idea). I did everything in photoshop. I first put DS106 in regular letters and then used the polygonal lasso tool to pull the letters apart. I found an image of online and used the image to cover the ds106 letters. I put a glass breaking image behind the letters to give it a shattering effect. Then I threw the bullet hole image on top of the O.





For this design assignment, I had to make a motivational poster. I decided to incorporate my character Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick for this.

In a recent interview by Boston’s News Channel 10, they interviewed Boston’s best and most notorious pool player, Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick. They asked Johnny, “What motivation can you give to your fans aspiring to be as good of a pool player like you?” Johnny responded with, “Uhh I guess the best advice I can give is hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.” There you have it folks, motivation at it’s finest.



Starring Jim Carey…Whoops I mean Jim Groom


For this design assignment I created a Jim Groom movie poster. At first I had no clue what movie or show I was going to use for this assignment. So I ended up googling actors with the first name Jim and the first name that popped up was Jim Carrey. I then went into Google Images and typed in Jim Carrey movies and then caught my eye on this poster:



This was one of the first movie posters I came across that was mainly Jim Carrey’s head. I decided to run with this poster and then found a picture of Groom. I used photoshop to place Groom’s head on top of Jim Carrey’s and then used the masking tool to bring back the penguins in the picture. I’ve never seen this movie before, nor have any clue what its about (something to do with penguins I’m guessing) but it ended up being a good move poster for me to work with.

Sorry Groom, I had to stretch your face a little bit more than I would have liked to cover all of Jim Carrey’s hair. Hope you’re still alive!