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The Skinny on Johnny Corner Pocket

I chose the create your own character assignment but since I have already created a character I’m going to expand on Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick’s life and what his life is looking like now. I inclued Jack Eaton’s character, El Jota in this and collaborated with him the story of the two characters. First, here are Corner Pocket’s interests and characteristics.

Appearance: Johnny is a tall, slender man with brown eyes. He is approximately 6 feet tall and weighs around 170 pounds. He has short, dark hair and always slicks it to the side. Johnny has some sort of facial hair on him at all times and is never clean-shaven. When he doesn’t have a toothpick hanging out of his mouth, he’ll have a cigarette to replace it. His clothes are rather raggedy but always find’s a way to make it look good. Johnny is a ladies man; the girls (Lena Meyers) love his style, his hair, and his swagger.

Likes: Corner Pocket has two main loves, billiards and money. Nothing gets him more excited than playing a great game of pool and winning a lot of money from. Johnny was never into having flings with any girls until going on the talk show Inside Talking with Lena Meyers. He fell madly in love with her from the first time he laid eyes on her.

Dislikes: El Jota for taking the love of his life from him and losing money.

Personality: Johnny is very cocky and very into himself. He thinks he is the best at everything he does. He does not lose and when he does lose he is a sore loser. He hates losing money. That is why he only gambles with counterfeit money. Johnny loves talking in third person because he loves hearing his own name. He is the life of the party.

Place in the world: Johnny is an only child. He hasn’t seen his father in over 10 years and does not get along with his mother. Johnny lives with a friend from high school in Boston where he has lived his entire life. Johnny was pursuing moving to Las Vegas but has now turned his sight to winning over the love of his life Lena Meyers.

Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick has hired Lenny’s Hitman Service to take out El Jota for stealing the woman of his dreams, Lena Meyers. El Jota and Lena are now married and Corner Pocket will do whatever it takes to destroy El Jota. Johnny laid eyes on Lena first and then El Jota stole her from him. Johnny has put his billiards career and moving to Las Vegas on the back burner to fix what El Jota ruined.

This assignment was worth 5 stars. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/creating-your-own-character/