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Inside Talking: A Night of Noir

Inside Talking: A Night of Noir is our radio show idea. Inside Talking is a talk show we are doing and the theme of the talk show is “A Night of Noir.” My group consists of Jack Eaton, Christine Loehr, Brian Goulet, Shannon Grubbs and myself. A few of us met up to talk about what we wanted the radio show to look like. We created a google doc and came up with a script for our radio show where Christine will be the talk show host and she will be playing as her character Lena. The rest of us will play the role of our characters and be interviewed by Christine (Lena) and answer three questions each. This radio show will include four radio bumpers and three commercials. To radio show script can be found here. I am excited for what is to come for this radio show and think it will go really well!