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Life Matters

Corner Pocket here, I don’t know why I’m stuck doing this assignment, I quit school awhile back… But anyways, for this daily create I had ┬áto create a words of wisdom inspirational poster. Usually I would say something like “get money, get paid” but I’m trying to win my girl Lena Meyers back from El Jota so I decided to do something cheesy. So I went with “life only matters, when you do something that matters.”

Life Matters

Besides playing pool, I know thing or two about photoshop. I found this picture of the water in Wilmington, NC (great place, I won a lot of money at a bar there one time) and used the text tool to add the text in. I then lowered the opacity of the text just a little bit to have it blend in with the background some.

P.S. Lena, if you are seeing this…come back to me!!