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The Love Finda Agency has been in action and is hard at work at solving the case of the Night Driver. El Jota and I have decided to use audio updates as our primary source to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Update 1:

Audio Update 2:

Audio Update 3:

Also, created a LOST poster that is posted up all over campus and in the ITCC.


There will be a surveillance video coming soon, a diary entry from El Jota and I, and much more! Stay tuned! We will find this game. We will. I promise. Or you can punch me in the face. Jk that would hurt. #lovefindaagency


Week 11

Man, crazy things happened this week. So crazy I don’t even know if you guys will believe it. So crazy that I don’t know if you’ll be able to sleep tonight after reading it. So here’s what happened….Are you sure you’re ready?……..are you positive??? Brace yourself………………….. I am no longer going solo for the agency and have actually teamed up with El Jota. Yes, you are probably saying WHAAAT? But it is true. I’ll explain later. Here is the link to our agency The Love Finda.

10 Stars of Assignments

Next, I did over 10 stars worth of assignments (I know I’m such an over achiever).

I made a resume, never thought I would see the day! It can be found here. Worth 3 stars

Next, I did something I also thought I would never do; I made a pinterest. Here‘s the post for that one.

I also made myself into a minion lolz! Here it is.

Last, I came up with a great merger for two power house businesses. It can be found here.

Daily Creates

I did two daily creates. I like the way both turned out! I also learned that Noddy is a thing! Here they are uno y dos.













And last, I owe you guys a video from last week!


Another week in the books. This semester is flying by! But this week was highly video focused, which was a little hard for me since my video editing skills isn’t what I would like it to be. Here is what I got into this week:

Participate in Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along:

This week I listened to Noir at Night and Silk road which you can find that post here. I loved listening to all of the radio shows and I also love a good tweet along.

Complete Your Radio Show Final Reflection:

I had a chance to finally sit down and reflect on everything that went on dealing with the radio show. It was very hectic making the radio show since we were in the ITCC for over six hours, not including editing but it was definitely fun listening to it. You can find that post here.

Do Your Daily Creates:

Not too much to say about this one. The daily create can be found here.

Learn How to Read a Movie:

Learning about how to read a movie was extremely interesting because I had no clue how much thought went in to film making. This post is located here.

Do Your Video Assignments: Make a Choice:

Instead of doing weekly video assignments, myself, Jack and Christine are deciding to make a movie instead involving our characters. The trailer and write up can be found here.

Set up a Character Category:

And last but not least, I made a character category. I posted the link on the noir website but the link can also be found here.



Another week is in the books! This week was all about the radio show. It also wasn’t too much different from week six except we had daily creates, which I love doing by the way. Recording the radio show was definitely a pain because of how long it took but I also fun doing it. We all laughed a lot recording it, which was fun but the process was pretty tiring. Our group member Jack, was able to do some awesome editing on the radio to make it sound the way it does. I would elaborate a little more but I don’t want to ruin the show for you guys! So here is the final product and I hope you enjoy!

  1. Completed radio show

Radio Show Progress: Here is an update on some of the progress that happened for the radio show

This is a picture of my group in action at the ITCC!

Commenting: I’m pretty sure I commented more than 10 times this week but forgot which ones I commented on but oh well here are 10!











Daily Creates: We had to do three daily creates this week and I was missing them from not having to do any last week.

First, I did the emoji story- http://landonepp.com/daily-create/what-a-brilliant-idea/

Next, I did the Deep Space create featuring the ITCC and Groom!- http://landonepp.com/daily-create/ds106-takes-on-outerspace/

Last, I did the orange and blue effect- http://landonepp.com/daily-create/blue-jack/


With all of the being said..I’m ready for spring break!!



Well another week is in the books. I’m going to be completely honest and say that this week was one of my more favorite weeks just because we didn’t have to do any reading. I know that sounds pretty lame but it’s true. I love getting to design things in photoshop and I have a new found love for Audacity. Speaking of Audacity, I thought all of my audio assignment were going to take a long time but since getting the hang of the program it wasn’t too bad! I actually enjoyed it! It felt a little weird not doing any daily creates this week but I didn’t mind not having to them too much. I’m excited to get to do them next week. As for my group, I really enjoy working with all of them. We have a good group and I think our radio show will turn out great. I also got to meet the legendary Jim Groom while I was working with my group in the convergence center. He looks just like his pictures.  But I’m definitely starting to enjoy this class more now that I know how to manage my time wisely with all of the assignments. But here is the low down on everything I did this week:

Radio Show Progress: we established a group, got each others numbers, met up and laid out everything that will be going on in our radio show. The post for that can be found here.

Radio Show Design Project: I wasn’t sure if everyone in the group had to create their own individual poster or bumper, or if we could all use the same one so I just ended up creating my own to be on the safe side. I never mind going in photoshop and creating something anyways. The poster can be found here.

Radio Listen-along: I was in Thursday nights listen along and once again I loved it. We listened to The Adventures of Phillip Marleau and Jack the Ripper. They were both pretty good but I think I was more fascinated with Jack the Ripper. It was a pretty creepy story and there were a lot of great sound effects which added to the effect. Here are a couple of tweets I tweeted from the night.

Commenting: Here are the links to all of my comments:











Audio Assignments: I did three audio assignments for a total of ten stars. Six of those stars were focused on my character Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick.

First, I did a music mashup worth 3.5 stars- http://landonepp.com/assignments/party-up-jump-around/

My next two posts focused on my character.

I did an assignment where I played the role of Johnny and told a two minute story of his life- http://landonepp.com/assignments/johnnys-life-in-two-minutes/

Last, I made a theme song for Johnny- http://landonepp.com/assignments/corner-pockets-theme-song/

I’m excited for week seven!