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Wow. What a week. I almost died from the girl that I was madly in love with. Jota and I have technically solved the case of the missing Night Driver game, but Lena Meyers still has it and she is missing…. Soooo this is awkward. Here is our progress for the week.

First, Jota and I had some video surveillance in the ITCC


Next, I quickly compiled my audio updates because I almost died earlier.


Last, I shared one of my secret diary entries on how we almost died from Lena.


Groom, I am terribly sorry we don’t have your game back. But at least we know who has it!! Right? Right? Please, don’t hurt us. You still owe us money since technically we did solve the case.


Johnny here. Man oh man this week definitely made me remember why I quit high school a few years back. So since I’m taking this thing over from now on does that mean I’ll get a college degree out of this without a high school degree? That would be pretty cool. I don’t need it though since I’ll be making it big in vegas in pool and gambling. Vegas baby!!! But anyways here is what I did…

This week I started off with an Interview. I don’t like interviews but I gave in for this once since Groom made a Monty Python reference.

Next, I decided to ride solo for the agency. Not much to that post but you can find it here.

I did three daily creates this week. They were easy as One. Two. Three. Bada boom bada bing!

I also commented on 10 posts this week.











And lastly I give an update on our video progress. Luckily the professors were generous enough to give us an extension because meeting as a group was nearly impossible for us this week. It can be found here.

Thats all folks. See ya next week.


Another week in the books. This semester is flying by! But this week was highly video focused, which was a little hard for me since my video editing skills isn’t what I would like it to be. Here is what I got into this week:

Participate in Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along:

This week I listened to Noir at Night and Silk road which you can find that post here. I loved listening to all of the radio shows and I also love a good tweet along.

Complete Your Radio Show Final Reflection:

I had a chance to finally sit down and reflect on everything that went on dealing with the radio show. It was very hectic making the radio show since we were in the ITCC for over six hours, not including editing but it was definitely fun listening to it. You can find that post here.

Do Your Daily Creates:

Not too much to say about this one. The daily create can be found here.

Learn How to Read a Movie:

Learning about how to read a movie was extremely interesting because I had no clue how much thought went in to film making. This post is located here.

Do Your Video Assignments: Make a Choice:

Instead of doing weekly video assignments, myself, Jack and Christine are deciding to make a movie instead involving our characters. The trailer and write up can be found here.

Set up a Character Category:

And last but not least, I made a character category. I posted the link on the noir website but the link can also be found here.



This week was soooo hard to get back into the swing of things. Before spring break I had a good rhythm going about getting stuff done on time and then once spring break hit I lost that rhythm. It amazes me how fast I lost the rhythm because it was definitely hard to pick back up on the assignments coming back from the break. Here is what I worked on this week:

Radio Show Listen-In:

I tuned into ds106 radio on Thursday and listened to Noir Not the Father and NOIRTalk. Noir Not the Father was crazy right from the start and super funny. I felt like I was listening to a Jerry Springer show. A highlight from the show was the references to “bathroom quickies.”

NOIRTalk was completely different from Noir Not the Father and there was a lot of dialogue going on. I wasn’t too sure what was going on for most of it just because the characters were constantly going back and forth and since we could only listen and not see it made some of the stuff hard to pick up on. But I enjoyed listening to both of the shows and I kind of wish I had the time to listen to all of them in the days before.


This was a fun assignment and a rather easy one because I already knew which works I was going to talk about. It was cool to give people shout outs in the class because they definitely deserved it with the work they put in for these assignments.

First, I gave Brian Goulet a shout out for his photoshop skills. http://landonepp.com/uncategorized/photoshop-wizard-brian-goulet/

Next, I talked about Tiffany’s future rapping career. http://landonepp.com/uncategorized/its-true-she-can-rap/

I also looked at Christine Loehr’s Noir Photo Safari. http://landonepp.com/uncategorized/big-fan-of-this-safari/

Last, I raved about Spencer’s spaceship daily create. http://landonepp.com/uncategorized/inspired-spaceship/

Collaborative Character Media Assignments:

For all of my assignments I worked with Jack Eaton. It was easy to work with Jack because we were in a group together for the radio show assignment and our two characters didn’t get along too well in the radio show so it was a no brainer for us to collaborate for these assignments.

First, we did the Valentines day card of Lena Meyers. I don’t want to go into too much detail about this because I don’t want to ruin the show for you guys! But my character Johnny Corner Pocket McCormick has a crush on Christine Loehr’s character Lena Meyers. It just so happens that so does El Jota…. http://landonepp.com/assignments/lena-meyers/ – 3 stars.

Next, I wrote an extended character dossier about my character Johnny and how he hates Jack’s character El Jota. http://landonepp.com/assignments/the-skinny-on-johnny-corner-pocket/ – 5 stars.

Last, Jack and I made a business card for Lenny’s Hitman Service which will make more sense when you hear our radio! http://landonepp.com/assignments/johnny-aint-messin-around/

Character Social Media:

This week I created a gmail account for Corner Pocket and a twitter as well. Feel free to email him or follow him on twitter! #teamfollowback




Here are my 10 comments. Its getting easier and easier to comment now, which is good.











Daily Creates:

And here is the link for my daily creates! For some reason I just didn’t like them as much this week. Usually the daily creates are one my favorite things to do but I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it’s because I was out of my groove from spring break. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/daily-creates/


Ahhh Week Five: Weekly Summary

Well, here we are again another week in the books. I feel like I just started this class and we are already done with week five. Wow. That’s usually how it goes though. But this week was design and I loved it. I love getting to design my own things. Or taking multiple images and creating them into one. It was a fun week but as always, also challenging. Here is what the week looked like for me:

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon:

The Vignelli Cannon- I read, I reflected, I conquered. At least I hope. This was an interesting read. I learned a few things about design, some in which I’m still trying to process, which I talked about in the post. But I enjoyed the read, especially the process of what graphic design looks like on paper instead of in Photoshop.

Watch some films: Your choice:

Double Indemnity- I chose to watch Double Indemnity which came out in 1944. I regretted choosing to watch this movie at first just because of how old it is and was kind of wishing I chose to watch one of the other one but I was too far into the movie at that point. Overall, it was a decent movie and tried to tackle the question of how space helps frame the design and style of noir within the film in my post.

Complete a DesignBlitz:

Design Blitz- In this post I took for pictures back at my parents house that represented metaphors/symbols, color, typography and rhythm.

Do your DailyCreates: 

I completed three daily creates. The daily creates are some of my favorite parts of the week.

Creative Hand- on 2/11/15 I created a daily create that focused on hand art. I had a picture of myself and edited my hand in photoshop

Fly- On 2/12/15 I had to choose which super power I would want and of course I chose to fly.

Food Jewelry- On 2/15/15 I wore some food as jewelry and facial hair. It sounds weird because it is weird.

Complete at least 12 stars of design assignments:

I loved every design assignment I did this week. They were so fun and I wish I could have done more to be honest. The daily creates and the design assignments were by far my favorite things to do this week.

Groom Movie Poster- This assignment was worth 4.5 stars and I photoshopped Groom’s head over Jim Carrey’s in the Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie poster.

Bumper Sticker- I created a bumper sticker for my character, Johnny Corner Pocket worth 3.5 stars

Motivational Poster- I had to make a motivational poster so I decided to incorporate Johnny and give the people a little motivation to hustle more. Worth 3 stars.

DS106 Wallpaper- For my final design assignment, I created a DS106 wallpaper in photoshop worth 4 stars.

Overall, very solid week. I still feel like my best work hasn’t come yet which I guess is a good thing? Maybe not though. Hopefully, I will feel fully satisfied next week with the work I produce. #ds106islife

Week Four Over and Out

Week four has come to an end. It was a long week, but a fun week. Here is what happened throughout the week (more so near the end of the week since I tend to procrastinate).

First, I reflected on audio storytelling and learned how important it is to add quality sounds to go along with a film or radio broadcast. http://landonepp.com/thought-and-ideas/a-time-to-reflect-on-audio-storytelling/

I had a really fun time doing the daily creates. I got to use photoshop and I always enjoy an opportunity when I get to use that. I have really enjoyed all of the daily creates so far this semester.

Here is my first daily create. I created my own interpretation of ruin-porn photography. Pretty weird name for a type of photography but I really enjoyed the assignment. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/ruins/

For my second daily create, I edited this picture of a dog laying in the grass and had him/her pondering about pizza. I edited this picture in photoshop as well. http://landonepp.com/daily-create/daily-create-pizza/

Next, I created a radio bumper for ds106 radio. At first I thought about redoing my radio bumper because I thought it seemed more fitting in a scary radio themed show instead of a noir one, but I decided to keep it. I thought about what I listened to in the live tweet-along on Thursday about Buzz and Neil’s mission to the moon and in my opinion, I thought my radio bumper would have been fitting for that type of story, so thats why I decided to keep it. http://landonepp.com/assignments/radio-bumper/

I completed three audio assignments this week for a total of 8.5 stars. The first audio assignment I did was the required one and that was to make a sound effects story using our created character worth 3.5 stars. I created the story of Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick walking into Corner Pockets Bar to go play a round of pool in the back room of the bar. This assignment was very time consuming trying to find the right sounds to portray a quick story, but I liked what I ended up with. http://landonepp.com/assignments/here-comes-johnny/

The next audio assignment I chose to do was the Greatest Hits Storytelling assignment for 3.5 stars. I used the band NEEDTOBREATHE to tell my story about redemption and hope in the world. They are one of my favorite bands. http://landonepp.com/assignments/needtobreathe/

The last audio assignment I did was the Favorite Song assignment for 1.5 stars. All I had to do for this assignment was to pick one of my favorite songs and take the lyrics out and only offer a 30 second mp3 of the song. http://landonepp.com/assignments/instrumental/

Next, I brainstormed ideas for a radio show. I offered up three different ideas but the one thing that remained constant was the involvement of my character Johnny Corner Pocket. http://landonepp.com/thought-and-ideas/storming-my-brain-with-radio-show-ideas/

I downloaded Audacity at the beginning of the week and I’m going to be honest, at first I HATED Audacity. I have never done much with editing audio so when I opened Audacity for the first time, I had no clue what was going on. It took me awhile to figure it out and get the hang of it. I felt like I was constantly pulling up YouTube videos of different tutorials. Now that I’m more comfortable with Audacity, I must admit I actually love it. Once you know how to use it, there are so many different things you can do. I will definitely be keeping Audacity on my laptop once this semester is over.

Overall, I had a great week with audio. I was a little intimated at first because I didn’t know much about editing audio or much of anything dealing with audio. I’m excited to see what is in store for next week!