A Time to Reflect…On Audio Storytelling

This week I learned how important audio is in storytelling, especially in noir! Audio and sound effects can really make a story come alive. Audio effects enhance the experience for a viewer or listener and is a key part to any film. After watching the two Touch of Evil opening scenes, I could not decide which one I liked more.

In the street sounds video I really enjoyed the small noises going on all around within the video. I felt like I was in the street with everyone else. You could hear the footsteps on people walking across the road and all the different noises of the car. The video also had a good mix of background music to give the opening scene a little more life to it. Here is the video below:

In the next video, the opening scene includes themed music. The themed music takes over most of the detailed sounds heard in the first video. The music adds more of a dramatic feel to the scene. I don’t know what the Touch of Evil is about but the themed music was probably most fitting for the movie. Without seeing the movie though, I personally liked the first video with all the street sounds included. It added more detail and made the scene come more to life in my opinion. Here is the second video:

I read The Ambience of Film Noir and it talked about the importance of audio and sound effects in movies. Early on, the people working for Hollywood Studios discovered that putting sound effects to go along with what the characters are doing and seeing, can go a long way. It adds another level of clarity to a film for the viewers. After reading this it has made me focus on the sounds being used to go along with the noir films and radio broadcasts more.

I participated in the live tweet-along on Thursday night. We listened to The Killers and Man on the Moon? I cannot remember the exact name of the second one we listened to but it was an alternate story of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong’s mission to the moon. I enjoyed that one a lot because it was completely different type of noir I have heard since taking this class. The ending was a little dramatic because I assumed they died since they never talked about them coming back to Earth. But I enjoyed the tweet-along and the hour ended up going by super quick. Here are a couple of my tweets from the hour. I got a little excited with the hashtags as the night went on.



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