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I might be having a quarter life crisis: Within the past two months, I went from trying to be the world’s best pool player, to hiring a hitman to kill the guy who stole the love of my life, to now teaming up with the guy I was trying to kill to start an agency. I don’t know what’s going on with my life haha! But anyways, El Jota and I settled our differences and have put our pool playing and club owning ways to the side to start the Love Finda Agency. The reason we started the Love Finda Agency is because, well, a lady. After I couldn’t win back Lena Meyers because 1. she didn’t want me in the first place and 2. she killed my hitman which is illegal. She is now wanted for first degree murder and is hiding out somewhere under a new identity. So that left me and El Jota to settle our ways. We are now a dynamic duo and ready to solve the case of the Night Driver.

We don’t know much, but what we do know is that there is a missing Atari game somewhere out there and we are going to find it. So the other day, El Jota and I went up to the fourth floor of the convergence center to start figuring out this mystery. We were quickly distracted by the red spinny chairs and a select few attractive girls. Once we realized we had wasted countless hours, we went straight to work. We took finger prints of the whole area. We also didn’t necessarily know what we were doing since my expertise is in pool and El Jota’s is running a night club and getting drunk on a regular basis. But we have finger prints of everything and are now just waiting on the results. Our think our next move will be to start interviewing students and faculty or any suspicious people that we may think will have answers. El Jota and I will keep you posted. Stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “Agency Update!”

  1. It sounds like you made a bunch of progress on your case, Johnny. Glad to hear it! My agency and I visited the fourth floor, as well, because we have reason to believe that NoirCat disappeared from there. It seems like a happening spot! Good luck!
    Jewel out.

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