Are We Done Yet? Radio Show Progress

It was a long night last night. Six people in one room for five hours. Yes, five hours. Even though I was in a room for five hours last night, this radio show is definitely a lot more than what I thought. We had some pretty good laughs in the process. Our group finished pretty much all of the recordings last night and now we just have to edit and throw in some sound effects here and there. I’m pretty excited for the finished product, I think it will be really good. We are doing a talk show featuring all of noir characters. We have several bumpers and commercials. There is one commercial in particular that just might end up being the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard, at least for me it was. We are meeting again tomorrow night to do some more editing and hopefully finish everything up. Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Are We Done Yet? Radio Show Progress”

  1. Five hours of none stop working together in one room sure sounds like a lot of work. Although it really does sound like your group is going to have a really great radio show. I look forward to hearing your radio show on DS106 radio.

  2. Glad to hear you got so much done! It can be dedication to put a chunk of time into a project like this, but it’s nice when it pays off with lots of progress. Good luck with all the editing and such, I hope it all goes well. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with, especially with that weird commercial!

  3. Dang, 5 hours is a long time but at least you got a lot of work done! I think the talk show aspect is really cool and I look forward to tuning into your show :)

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