dEsIgN bLiTz

For this design blitz assignment I took for photos that represented symbols, color, typography and rhythm. Most of these pictures were taken from my parents house at Smith Mountain Lake.


O'neill Surf Company

This is the logo for one of my all time favorite clothing companies. The company is O’neill and they are one of the top surf apparel companies in the U.S. O’neill’s logo sums up who they are because they were founded by Jack O’neill in Santa Cruz, California and has a surfer within the logo. I like this logo because it makes you look at it for a second to figure out what is going on. The way the logo is created it makes the surfer blend in with the wave to give it a cool effect.



Of course, since it was Valentines Day you have to bring these guys out for the color picture. When placed on a solid background, the candy really seems to pop. The bright colors are very eye catching. The “LOVE” on the orange heart seems to catch my eye first, maybe because it is in the middle. Also, the off centered “SAY YES” catches my eye as well because of the vibrant blue and because of how terribly off centered it is.


Smith Mountain Lake

I got to go home this weekend, home is Smith Mountain Lake and I have this sign in my room. I was big into wakeboarding in high school so this sign was a must when I saw it in a salvage shop. The sign looks a lot older than it actually is. In my opinion, they made the “Smith Mountain Lake” part of the sign in a more beat up font to go along with the rustic look of the sign. I also think they used a font to go well with “wakeboard wizardry.” Each font is different to portray a different feel within the sign.



This isn’t the most exciting picture in the world but I think it portrays rhythm well. It has good diagonal movement going shooting upwards. It has good texture and and pattern to it.

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