Double Indemnity

This week I decided to watch Double Indemnity. It is a noir film that came out in 1944. It was a little hard for me to watch a movie that was so old. I guess I’m so used to the modern movies these days with quality effects and are actually in color, so it was kind of a struggle to watch at first. I started to get more into it as the movie went on. I looked for ways on how space helped frame the design and style of noir within the movie. I’m not fully sure how to answer this but I guess what I noticed is that the movie was very simple but very well produced. I noticed within some of the buildings they were in, (more so the homes) that there wasn’t much on the walls. For me it added an effect that was much more intense. A home without decorations or furniture can make it feel a little creepier. Or maybe the film didn’t want to focus so much on props, but more on the effects such as the lighting. The lighter it was, the happier the film felt, or I guess..more comfortable. Then, the darker it was, the more ‘on edge’ the mood was.

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