Storming my Brain with Radio Show Ideas

For our radio show assignment in a couple of weeks here is what I would like to do…

Since we will be in groups, I think it would be fun if each member in the group used their created character and we put together a noir themed story to tell. Each person would be the voice of their character and really try to bring the character to life. The person whose character has the least amount of lines would be the narrator and would give background info of the story when characters aren’t speaking.

Another idea would be to have a talk show with all of our characters. If there is a person that doesn’t particularly like their character as much, they could be the talk show host. The talk show host could ask each character a couple of questions dealing with their life and story.

The last option would be to have a show like you would hear on the radio today. In the 20 minutes, the group would play two or three songs that you would typically hear in a nor film. Then we could do a character interview in between songs. Also we could make noir related commercials such as a commercial trying to sale trench coat or cigars.

Whatever we do I would love to somehow incorporate my character, Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick.

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