Read a Movie???

In the article How to Read a Movie by Roger Ebert, he talks about all of the components that go into making a movie. Just like photography, I learned there is a lot more involved than what meets the eye. Ebert talked about concepts of positive, negative, stronger, weaker, stable, past, future, dominant, submissive, color, lighting, shadows, construction, characters, dialogue, acting, history, sources, influences, and messages that are all evaluated within a movie. I learned every camera angle, every light, and every microphone placement are well though out before the filming actually starts happening. I was amazed at how much went in to “reading” a film.

I watched the Star Wars Continuity Mistakes and it was pretty entertaining to watch. I could watch that movie 100 times and probably would have never recognized any of those mistakes. I thought the video was kind of ridiculous at the same time though with pointing out the littlest things like that. I figured when you are making a movie as big and as detailed as that you will have some tiny mistakes.

Next, I watched The Shining- Zooms and it was a pretty weird video, I guess to go along with a pretty weird movie. The zooms in and out of the characters were used to add dramatic effect and to add to the tension of the movie. I even felt uneasy when all of them were zooming in and out and then added the erie music.

Last, I watched the match cut video and it is also super weird. Besides how weird the video is, it shows an example of a match cut. According to the video a match cut is “in which two shots with similar compositional elements are joined.” In the video the transition from the bone to the space ship is an example of a match cut is often used in movies. For this case, it is easy to pick out the match cut because of how bad the transition is. I would love to see this movie one day for the not so good special effects.

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