Ahhh Week Five: Weekly Summary

Well, here we are again another week in the books. I feel like I just started this class and we are already done with week five. Wow. That’s usually how it goes though. But this week was design and I loved it. I love getting to design my own things. Or taking multiple images and creating them into one. It was a fun week but as always, also challenging. Here is what the week looked like for me:

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon:

The Vignelli Cannon- I read, I reflected, I conquered. At least I hope. This was an interesting read. I learned a few things about design, some in which I’m still trying to process, which I talked about in the post. But I enjoyed the read, especially the process of what graphic design looks like on paper instead of in Photoshop.

Watch some films: Your choice:

Double Indemnity- I chose to watch Double Indemnity which came out in 1944. I regretted choosing to watch this movie at first just because of how old it is and was kind of wishing I chose to watch one of the other one but I was too far into the movie at that point. Overall, it was a decent movie and tried to tackle the question of how space helps frame the design and style of noir within the film in my post.

Complete a DesignBlitz:

Design Blitz- In this post I took for pictures back at my parents house that represented metaphors/symbols, color, typography and rhythm.

Do your DailyCreates: 

I completed three daily creates. The daily creates are some of my favorite parts of the week.

Creative Hand- on 2/11/15 I created a daily create that focused on hand art. I had a picture of myself and edited my hand in photoshop

Fly- On 2/12/15 I had to choose which super power I would want and of course I chose to fly.

Food Jewelry- On 2/15/15 I wore some food as jewelry and facial hair. It sounds weird because it is weird.

Complete at least 12 stars of design assignments:

I loved every design assignment I did this week. They were so fun and I wish I could have done more to be honest. The daily creates and the design assignments were by far my favorite things to do this week.

Groom Movie Poster- This assignment was worth 4.5 stars and I photoshopped Groom’s head over Jim Carrey’s in the Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie poster.

Bumper Sticker- I created a bumper sticker for my character, Johnny Corner Pocket worth 3.5 stars

Motivational Poster- I had to make a motivational poster so I decided to incorporate Johnny and give the people a little motivation to hustle more. Worth 3 stars.

DS106 Wallpaper- For my final design assignment, I created a DS106 wallpaper in photoshop worth 4 stars.

Overall, very solid week. I still feel like my best work hasn’t come yet which I guess is a good thing? Maybe not though. Hopefully, I will feel fully satisfied next week with the work I produce. #ds106islife

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