Another week in the books. This semester is flying by! But this week was highly video focused, which was a little hard for me since my video editing skills isn’t what I would like it to be. Here is what I got into this week:

Participate in Radio Show Listen & Tweet Along:

This week I listened to Noir at Night and Silk road which you can find that post here. I loved listening to all of the radio shows and I also love a good tweet along.

Complete Your Radio Show Final Reflection:

I had a chance to finally sit down and reflect on everything that went on dealing with the radio show. It was very hectic making the radio show since we were in the ITCC for over six hours, not including editing but it was definitely fun listening to it. You can find that post here.

Do Your Daily Creates:

Not too much to say about this one. The daily create can be found here.

Learn How to Read a Movie:

Learning about how to read a movie was extremely interesting because I had no clue how much thought went in to film making. This post is located here.

Do Your Video Assignments: Make a Choice:

Instead of doing weekly video assignments, myself, Jack and Christine are deciding to make a movie instead involving our characters. The trailer and write up can be found here.

Set up a Character Category:

And last but not least, I made a character category. I posted the link on the noir website but the link can also be found here.


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